Manage those Emotions

Well, our softball team lost it’s first game tonight. 2 wins and 1 loss.

It was a close one. For the win, all we had to do was hold the opposition to no more than 2 runs at the bottom of the last inning. But the other team got the best of us with some really good hits.

So why am I talking about softball?

Because sports, like marriage, seems to be one of those areas where we let frustration get the better of us. Instead of us controlling our emotions, we let our emotions control us. And usually no good can come of that.

What really got me thinking was what happened at the end of the game, right after the other team scored their winning run.

As I got up from the bench, where I was sitting with strained hamstrings (yeah I know, likely story), to go shake the hands of the other team, my teammates started heading into the dugout. I could sense the frustration, but most were holding it in check. But one got mad and threw his glove into the dugout, hitting me in the side in the process.

Now it didn’t necessarily hurt, but we are a church team, trying to be an example for Christ. So I tried to calm things down before shaking hands with the other team.

Later on when I mentioned to my teammate that he hit me when he angrily threw his glove, I received the response “Well you were in my way.”

Now I don’t mention this to bring the other guy down. He’s a very good guy, who will remained unnamed, and I don’t think anyone else saw it happen.

I bring it up to make the point that if we don’t manage our emotions, letting them dictate our actions, other people can get hurt.

Take marriage for instance. How many times have we all said or done something merely out of anger or frustration, only to regret it later? Many husbands and wives are still harboring bitterness towards their spouses years later for some word said or deed done to them in a moment of uncontrolled emotion.

Emotions should not dictate our actions. If we let them, we’re going to be constantly putting ourselves in a bad position in life, unable to receive the blessings God has in store for us.

Begin thinking about how you usually handle your emotions, frustration, and anger. Does it cause more problems? Does good come from it?

It’s not too late to start bringing your emotions under control. You’ll certainly have a lot more peace.

By the way, I quickly forgave my friend for the glove incident and let it go. I only use that instance as a real life example:)

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3 thoughts on “Manage those Emotions”

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  2. I have a question on divorce. I am a Christian but my husband is not yet saved. He is involved in adulterous affair for the past 6 years and they have a child together. Whenever i try to talk to him about this he is on the defensive, He hasn’t left home and he says he has no intention of leaving and that i should not decide what to do for him. I have 2 children and another on the way. He does not want to use a condom. I only discovered that he married the woman in May this year. He married the woman in 2004. I am contemplating divorce. What should I do in this situation. Your help is most appreciated

  3. Charity,

    I’m not sure if I understand your situation, but it sounds like you’re saying that your husband has 2 wives.

    In Matthew 19 it states that divorce is allowable in the case of sexual immorality/marital unfaithfulness. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that divorce is required, but only telling you what the Bible says.

    It sounds like your husband is “having his cake and eating it too”. Maybe he doesn’t want you to decide for him, but you can certainly decide for you and your 2 children what steps to take.

    I’m not a professional counselor, pastor, or psychologist, but I would highly recommend seeking one out. You can check into Christian counselors through Focus on the Family at:

    Take that step and be proactive about the situation.

    I hope that helps some.

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