Wedding Day Promises

Today we went to a wedding for a couple from our church. It’s been a long time since we’ve been to a wedding and it was the first wedding that our kids have been to. Having recently celebrated our 15th anniversary, most of our friends have long since been married.

The wedding we went to today was very nice. Everyone could tell how much the bride and groom truly adored each other. And the ceremony itself was very deliberately focused on God being a part of the union and that with Him at the lead, the marriage would be strong.

While sitting in the church, watching the couple exchange vows, a few things came to mind.

The first thing I started thinking about was how great marriage is. God intended it that way (hence our tagline). When I heard the vows of “better or worse” and “til death do us part” I remembered the commitment my wife and I made to stick together, with God, despite what harshness life brought. And throughout the ceremony I was reminded that by putting Him and the other person first in the marriage, it can truly be one of joy and peace.

The other thing I started thinking about was on a less positive note (sorry to bring you down). I began to think about all the couples that said those same wedding vows, but really didn’t know what they meant. Those couples went into the marriage thinking that because they were marrying their “soul mate” that things would just work out. But when things got hard, they were able to divorce in less time than it took for the wedding to take place.

When we get married, we make vows (or promises) to the other person and to God. That’s something to take very seriously.

Take out your wedding video if you have one and watch it with your spouse. Try to remember the love and affection you had for your husband or wife at the time and the promises you made to them. If you’re going through a rough patch in your relationship right now, take this as a starting over point and remember every day to put God first, then your spouse over yourself. In doing that you truly can be on the path to experiencing days of heaven on earth.

I pray that this newly married couple and your marriage has a great future!

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