A Christmas Free from Stress

The holiday season spanning from Thanksgiving through Christmas is a stressful time for many.

Instead of taking the time to enjoy our families and what each of these holidays actually represent, we spend most of it worrying about the many things that need to get done.  Buying presents, planning and cooking meals, coordinating the visit to someone’s house, or preparing for everyone to come to our houses, the list goes on.

It seems like another job instead of a time of celebration.  By the time it’s all done, we’re just wiped out and thankful it’s over.

These precious times spent with loved ones come and go too quickly to spend them full of anxiety.

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.
1 Peter 5:7 (NIV)

To enjoy this and each Christmas, we should first take a deep breath and recite this verse. Then remember that God loved us so much that He sent us His Son. With that in our minds, then enjoy the friends and family that we get to spend time with (sometimes the only occasion we see them throughout the year).

Don’t spend another Christmas just waiting for it to be over.

One day the kids will be grown up, friends will have moved away, or family may have passed on.  Cast those anxieties over to God and let Him fill you with His peace this year.  Then instead of looking back years later on how you wasted all that time under stress, you can remember how you enjoyed that time with those you love.

Have a merry & stress-free Christmas!

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