Valentine’s Day Tips to Use Throughout the Year

That romantic day of the year is here again. And if you’re like me, it may have snuck up on you.

To me it seems to come too quickly after Christmas. But then again, maybe spouses need to restart the romance after the stress that tends to come with the Christmas holidays.

Valentine’s Day is a great day to do something nice and romantic for your spouse. But even better than limiting it to that one day, it’s a great starting point to begin a round of year long romance.

Take actions consistently throughout the year that show love towards your husband or wife.

It doesn’t have to be something bought (though that’s good sometimes), but simple actions that say to your spouse “I’m thinking of you and how I can meet your needs.” An encouraging word or helping with a task around the house without being asked are things that can be done everyday…and they’re cheap too.

For further information, check out the post I wrote last year entitled Make Every Day Valentine’s Day with Romance in Your Marriage. There you will find a few more easy to implement ideas to add romance to your marriage.

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