“Dramatically Increase the Peace, Joy, and Fulfillment in Your Marriage!”

Discover the powerful, Biblical principles to achieving the lifetime success that God has planned for your marriage.

Are you satisfied with a mediocre or troubled marriage that is not living up to your expectations? Is your marriage all that you hoped and pictured it would be when you walked down the aisle and said “I do”?

If it’s not, then read on…

Want to be another statistic?

Studies show that couples marrying for the first time have a 40-50% chance of divorcing. The divorce rate jumps even higher for each subsequent marriage. Every time a person divorces, their chance of divorcing again goes up 10%.

  • Some of you may be in that situation right now, where you are about to end the marriage.
  • Others of you may not have hit that place yet, but you know that your mediocre marriage has certainly not turned out like you expected. Maybe it’s a bland, joyless existence where the two of you are living strictly as roommates.
  • Then there are others of you who have a pretty good marriage right now, but are ready to bring it to the next level of not just “good” but “great”.

If this is how you feel, you are not alone. Along with millions of husbands and wives out there, my wife and I WERE feeling the same way. That is until we found certain Biblical principles that could be applied to bring out the best in our marriage.

That’s why I wrote 7 Keys to Unlocking Success in Your Marriage.

God has great things planned for your marriage, but unfortunately, most people don’t realize that.

In this eBook you’ll discover key Biblical principles to either:

1) Pull your deteriorating marriage back from the brink of divorce,

2) Turn your mediocre marriage into one filled with excitement and vitality, or

3) Propel your good marriage to the absolute “best” status.

If you are married, about to get married, or considering getting married, then this information applies to you.

Because you are reading this, you are in a unique group of people that want the best for your marriage, not just accepting what life throws at you.

You don’t want to become another statistic. I know I didn’t.

Our success story began with a simple decision…

I remember early on in my marriage that things weren’t going well at all. It wasn’t to the horrible extent that one of us was having an affair or we were calling the lawyers. But it was headed in that direction faster than a speeding bullet.

I thought many times that things just weren’t right and surely this isn’t the marriage God wanted for us. We didn’t seem to really like each other and we constantly blew up about something the other person did or didn’t do. Those times of yelling and screaming about those things never got us anywhere, except further down the hole of despair.

What we didn’t realize was that we were too busy trying to fix the symptoms, instead of realizing we had deeper problems at the root of it all. Not to mention, we were both too immature to think of anyone but ourselves.

Then we had kids. Things turned, but not necessarily for the better. Instead of the bickering we’d done in the past, now we held our emotions inside. We didn’t want to argue in front of the children. No more fussing and fighting. Now it was anger, resentment, and bitterness growing like a fungus on the inside.

Now we were living as roommates that gave each other the silent treatment on a regular basis. That was worse than the shouting matches. And again…it got us nowhere. I knew it wasn’t right, but even if I did bring up how we were just living as roommates, I couldn’t be specific enough about our marital problems so that we could take action.

I told myself “Don’t say anything to rock the boat. It will eventually get better; after all we’re both Christians.” Well, it didn’t.

That is until I decided that what we had been doing wasn’t going to work the next time we tried. If there was going to be change, something had to…well…change.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
– Albert Einstein

I made the decision to step up and do what I could to turn our marriage around.

Now, how in the world was I supposed to do that?

Read on for renewed hope for your marriage.

For years I attended seminars, read books, listened to CDs, and studied the Bible desperately searching for ways to change my marriage for the better.

Through those years, God gradually revealed to me certain principles for laying the foundation on which to build a great and lasting marriage.

7 Keys to Unlocking Success in Your Marriage is a culmination of the knowledge, revelation, and experience I gained through the years of seeking God’s best for my marriage. And with it, you too will discover the key Biblical principles, which were used to not only rescue my marriage from the slippery slope towards divorce, but turn it around 180 degrees to an enjoyable journey of marital bliss.<blockquote><center><strong>”Your book really did <em>open my eyes</em>”</strong></center><p> “I’ve finished your book and I just wanted to tell you that it has already made a difference in my life and in my marriage. I have been married for 32 years and I just thought that I knew what made a successful marriage. I have to tell you that I kept seeing myself in so many of your examples in your book…both good and bad. </p><p>Your book really did <em>open my eyes</em>.&nbsp; I had no idea that I was being so selfish in my marriage. I have now started thinking more about my wife’s wants and needs but more importantly what God would want me to do regarding my relationship with my wife and family.</p><p>I find myself applying the ‘words from your book’ many times a day regarding my marriage but what I find truly amazing is that I am also applying your book and God’s love and wisdom to every aspect of my daily life.”</p><p><strong>Rick Boales, Allen, TX</strong></p></blockquote>

My desire for you as you read through this information, is that you will shortly feel a renewed sense of hope for your marriage, no matter what its current state.Your dreams of joy, peace, and fulfillment can become a reality in your marriage. YES, your marriage!

You can have the keys that will launch your marriage to lasting success. Don’t let the world’s system control your marriage and drive it towards failure.

Here are just a few of the things you’ll discover in 7 Keys to Unlocking Success in Your Marriage:

  • What THE one thing is that you can do today for a different (better) marriage. [page 7]
  • How to replace the thoughts that guarantee failure in your marriage with thoughts that will propel you towards success. [page 16]
  • God’s purpose for your marriage and the great things He has planned for it. [page 22]
  • How you can TRULY love your spouse, no matter the circumstances. [page 52]
  • How to experience the security of a lifelong commitment to one another. [page 64]
  • The one ordinary thing you might be using as a weapon in your marriage. [page 61]
  • The surprising first place to focus when you desire to improve your marriage. (Most people completely ignore this!) [page 72]
  • What to do when the task of changing your marriage feels overwhelming. [page 85]
  • How you can have confidence that your marriage will not only go the distance, but
    that you will enjoy the journey. [page 29]
  • How to position yourself to receive God’s blessings in your marriage. [page 95]
  • That you don’t have to do it alone. [page 89]
  • Who should really be in control of your marriage. Knowing this takes the weight
    of “saving the marriage” off of your shoulders
    . [page 75]
  • How to avoid the mistakes and stressful situations that many marriages
    fall prey to. [page 32]
  • The reassurance that you only need to take it one step and one day
    at a time. [page 84]

<blockquote><center><strong>”I am…becoming a better husband”</strong></center><p> “My wife and I have been married for nearly two years now and are expecting our first child.&nbsp; We thought that we were doing pretty well.&nbsp; I especially did; however, after reading <strong><em>7 Keys</em></strong>, I have seen that I have plenty of room for improvement. </p><p>As I apply these principles, it gives me a great sense of satisfaction that I am serving God and becoming a better husband at the same time.”</p><p><strong>Greg Fuentes, Baton Rouge, LA</strong></p></blockquote>

And that’s just for starters! Additionally, you’ll learn:

  • How to determine if your friends and family are helping or hindering your marriage. [page 19]
  • How to ensure victory over any trials
    you and your spouse may face. [page 24]
  • The one simple technique for obtaining God’s help for you and your marriage. [page 42]
  • How gratitude can instill confidence in your relationship. [page 45]
  • How to relax and relieve the pressure of “making the marriage work”. [page 44]
  • Exactly what you should expect from your spouse for your acts of service
    towards them. [page 56]
  • How to get your needs met in your marriage. [page 59]
  • The DANGEROUS word to cut from your vocabulary. [page 64]
  • The most difficult part of beginning the turnaround in your marriage and how
    to easily overcome it. [page 85]
  • How to resolve marital issues openly, quickly, and easily without resorting to shouting or the silent treatment. [page 62]

You’ll quickly come to understand, that with these timeless Biblical principles operating in your life, it really is possible to have a GREAT marriage.<blockquote><center><strong>”Valuable for married couples…whether they are having difficulties or not”</strong></center><p> “As we all find out at some point after the wedding, marriage isn’t easy.&nbsp; Thanks, David, for addressing this issue and offering a practical guideline for making my marriage work successfully.&nbsp; Of course, this will take a bit of soul-searching and commitment for both my husband and myself.I really like the way you take us through the process step-by-step.&nbsp; You make it easy to understand how we can transform our view and vision of marriage. </p><p>I believe your book is valuable for married couples to read and work through whether they are having difficulties or not.”</p><p><strong>Karonne Mazier, Amman, Jordan</strong></p></blockquote>

A great marriage is POSSIBLE!

That is just a small sample of what you’ll gain. Along with the assurance that if you don’t give up and throw in the towel, fixing your marriage is no longer impossible.For with God NOTHING shall be impossible.
Luke 1:37 (KJV)
Jesus said to him, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.”
Mark 9:23 (NKJV)

This eBook is the foundation of the Marriage Success Keys Action Pack which is the launch pad to the system of Biblical principles that will positively transform your marriage, no matter what state it’s presently in.

Included in the Marriage Success Keys Action Pack are bonuses that were specifically and carefully created to compliment the eBook, so that you will have a more complete system for gaining success in your marriage.  Combining all of these elements will allow you to see progress more quickly, thereby encouraging you along the way.

Here’s what you will receive in the Marriage Success Keys Action Pack:

Marriage Success Keys Action Pack

Biblical Marriage Principles eBook

7 Keys to Unlocking Success in Your Marriage

Bonus #1

The Marriage Success Keys Action Plan ($69 value)

After reading 7 Keys to Unlocking Success in Your Marriage; this priceless tool will help you go from merely having “head knowledge” to actually implementing the principles into your marriage.  This is the exact plan that my wife and I personally used to help turn our marriage around for the better and keep it on track.

With it you’ll know exactly where you are headed and what steps to take each day, week, month, and year.  As the saying goes, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  This will help set you directly on the path to success.

For added flexibility, it comes in three different formats – Adobe Acrobat (PDF), Microsoft Excel (XLS), and Microsoft Word (DOC).  All three at no additional charge.

Bonus #2

Biblical Scriptures for Encouragement eBook ($37 value)

This eBook is a valuable resource as you encounter challenges in your marriage, family, and life. When a problem threatens to take you down, you can easily find out what God’s promises are in helping you gain victory over that situation.

With over 200 Bible verses that are categorized into over 30 different areas, you can easily find encouragement and strength in discovering and being reminded of the great plans that God has for you.

It’s the perfect tool for helping build a foundation for marriage and life and also for starting each day off with faith, joy, and peace.

Bonus #3

Inspirational Quotes eBook ($29 value)

This resource is a great companion to the scriptures eBook.
Find comfort in the fact that you aren’t alone or unique in the problems coming against you, whether they’re in your marriage, your family, or other areas of your life.  Some of the greatest figures throughout history have faced the same obstacles as you.  Reading their own words about how they sought to overcome those challenges will inspire and encourage you to seek the best in every area of your life.

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Now picture this…

Fast forward to this time next year (or even sooner), when you’ve stopped the cycle of failure and filled your marriage with love, peace, joy, and fulfillment – with a lot less effort than you expected.

Instead of allowing many more years of stress, worry, and anxiety to plague you, your spouse, and your kids, you’re now experiencing the abundant marriage that God intended for you.

Even better, you know for a fact that you have built a solid foundation to keep your marriage on the track of success and will joyfully live up to your wedding vows of “til death do us part”.

Just as important, you have the satisfaction of knowing things will only get better – simply by continually applying these key Biblical principles to your marriage.

Now, pause and look back on today. Considering that …

  • you’re now in a successful marriage,
  • success has spread to other areas of your life,
  • you’ve been in a position to give helpful marriage advice to friends and family,
  • you are now an excellent example for your kids to follow in their marriage,

…aren’t you glad you made the small investment into your marriage?

  • average cost of a wedding: over $26,000
  • average cost of a divorce: $20,000 – $50,000
  • Marriage Success Keys Action Pack: $29.95
  • a lifetime marriage filled with joy, peace, and fulfillment: PRICELESS

Be reading it within the next 5 minutes!

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To your blessed marriage,


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