Big Ole List of Christian Bloggers

I recently participated in the 2007 Christian Bloggers Survey sponsored by Rick Warren’s Ministry Toolbox and Church Communications Pro. In doing so, I found out that there is a whole slew of Christian bloggers out there.

To show some support, I’ve included the list of links to the participants’ blogs below.

Be forewarned though that I don’t guarantee the content of these blogs. These were merely the participants in the survey, and I’ve only read a few of them personally so far. But if you’ve been searching for a Christian blog, surely something will strike your fancy in this list.

Without further fanfare, here’s the “Big Ole List of Christian Bloggers”:

Whew, that should keep you busy until the 2008 survey:)

5 thoughts on “Big Ole List of Christian Bloggers”

  1. Hey, I appreciate the link. I am a pastor in Spokane, Washington. Thanks for taking up the cause of helping marriages become better. Good luck and God bless with your ministry!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Donnie. I hope the link will help drive some traffic your way.
    Feel free to come back and contribute to any of the marriage discussions.
    Blessings to you and your church.

  3. quite a few of us out there. I’m not sure exactly how to get added to the list. We were added in response to participating in the 2007 Christian Bloggers Survey

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