Well, here we go.

Welcome to my Christian marriage blog. I’ve been mulling it over for a little while and figured it’s time to step up to the microphone. It was either this or begin my long anticipated rappin’ career. My wife and kids nixed the latter, so here I am:)

For my initial post, I figure I’ll try to set some expectations…though things are, of course, subject to change.

The main topic of conversation will be around Christian marriage and I will share:

1) How God has been working in my marriage. (Note to wife – I’ll try not to get too personal honey.) Hopefully this will be an inspiration to what God can also do in YOUR marriage.

2) Some key Biblical marriage principles that I’ve learned over the years and applied in my marriage, thereby turning my marriage around 180 degrees from where it was just a few years ago. And yes… I do mean turn it around for the better.

3) Updates on other avenues I’m exploring to share these principles around the world. BIG goals!

4) Plus a few tidbits here and there about other subjects like my family, what God is teaching me that may not necessarily be specific to marriage, and other miscellaneous goings-on. I may even touch on those Dallas Mavericks being in the NBA Finals. Go Mavs! (See, I already touched on it.)

I will tell you…I don’t plan on getting political, judgemental, or even argumentative. I probably won’t even get past the 10th grade level on some of these posts, though I do have a college degree (at least I think I do. Maybe it’s in a box somewhere.) So those who are looking for a debate, may have to keep searching.

This is a subject that God has really put on my heart. As someone who IS married and IS a Christian, I merely want to help provide hope that God has great things in store for your marriage!

So welcome and check back often to find out more about how to achieve the lifetime success and victory that God has planned for your marriage!

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