Make Every Day Valentine’s Day with Romance in Your Marriage

Valentine’s Day is now upon us. If you haven’t gotten your significant other something yet, whether it be a card, candy, flowers, or whatever, quit reading this and go do that right now.

Okay, you’re back. Whew, that was a close call.

You’re probably looking at the title of this post and thinking “What is he talking about? Romance more than the once a year at Valentine’s? I can barely keep up this pace!”

Don’t worry, I’m not advocating making the big business holiday a daily occurrence.

To explain, let’s start with the word “romance”. Romance isn’t the fanciful thing we’ve been led to believe. Romance is really just showing love to your husband or wife without being asked. And yes, both men and women need romance.

So what I’m saying is that our marriage should be filled with romance on a daily basis. It shouldn’t wait until the one day of the year where it’s required, so as to stay out of the dog house.

Show your spouse that you love them on a consistent basis.

Don’t wait until you feel like it or until they supposedly deserve it. Otherwise you’ll find that love won’t have a place whatsoever in your marriage.

Here are 3 easy (so very easy) things you can do to start putting the romance in your marriage:

1) Go to and send an e-card on a non-holiday. I just did it and it’s very easy. And take notice that you can schedule the e-cards for future delivery. Hint, hint;)

2) Call your spouse on the phone in the middle of the day, just to say “I was thinking about you and wanted to say hi”.

3) Write a short phrase like “I love you”, “I’m glad you’re my wife”, or “I’m proud you’re my husband” on a sticky note and leave it where you know they’ll find it later.

That’s it. No need to get overly complicated. Just start by doing some small things that show your spouse that you love them and that your marriage is important to you.

What about you? How are you romantic towards your spouse? Share your ideas with us.

11 thoughts on “Make Every Day Valentine’s Day with Romance in Your Marriage”

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  2. Cleopatra Hassan-Howe

    Surprise your Spouse: Do something spontaneous, like take him out to his favorite place or get him a gift on an ordinary day.
    Always tell him how much you love him.

  3. I love my husband dearly, he is the love of my life, the purpose of my living..I share romance with my husband on a daily basis, every single moment, each second..even though he is in another country for the moment, we keep sending each other messages and tell each other how much we’re in love, and how we love each other..we have a special day every day of our life together..simply, words can make magic..try it yourself..

  4. Hi Sandy,

    I just got back from a long family vacation and saw your comment. Thanks for sharing with us. It’s great to hear about couples making the effort to keep romance alive in their marriage.

    Thanks again and have a blessed day.

  5. Well my hubby was away for a few days on business and we were missing each other. One day he told me had just ordered dinner through room service at the hotel. IDEA struck to me… I called the in room dining and asked them to leave a sweet message composed by myself to him on my behalf. Not only did they do that, they were sweet enough to send my message along with a bouquet and chocolates for desert!! HE WAS taken so much by surprise and he just loved it. Try it… it works best when u surprise out of the blue.

  6. Shil,

    Thanks for sharing. That’s a great idea. Surprises are great. And it’s amazing sometimes that people are so willing to help you do something nice for your spouse.

  7. My husband is a fireman so he works for 24 hours and this morning I woke up and kissed him good bye and I layed in bed after he left and I was thinking to myself that I haven’t done anything special for him in a couple of months so today I went to the store and purchased 400 balloons all different sizes and wrote on each balloon expressing my feelings for him. So tom. when he comes home he has a big surprise waiting for him.

  8. That’s a great idea Cassie. Now that’s commitment…writing on 400 balloons. Well done and I’m sure he’ll really appreciate that.

  9. why the heck are there only women talking about what romantic things they do for thier men????
    where are the men and what are they doing???
    its just a horrible thing that they all know how to be romantic when they woo you
    but then it all stops
    but the woman keeps on loving and giving what SHE would like
    to no avail
    he just takes takes takes

  10. Hi Michelle,

    I’m assuming you’re talking about someone specific to you, for there are many men in similar situations.

    Maybe the men are a little shyer about letting everyone know about their romantic deeds:)

    I pray that your situation turns around for the better.

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