Anger Management in Marriage

At some point, everyone gets angry at their spouse. It could be over something minor like leaving the cap off of the toothpaste, something on a larger scale like their disrespecting you in front of other people, or something much worse.

In marriage, the potential for anger is greater than in other relationships just by the nature of being in such close proximity to someone so often. Your husband or wife will eventually do something that gets on your nerves.

This truth led me to write this brief 3 part series on dealing with anger in marriage. I hope that it will give you something to think about and be of some help. And as always, please feel free to comment with your thoughts on the subject.

In the next post of this series I’ll talk about how people typically deal with anger. Then in the last post I give some recommendations on how to Biblically deal with your anger.

So between now and the next post, begin thinking about how you are presently dealing with any anger towards your spouse, and if it contributes to a healthy or unhealthy marriage.

The three posts in the Anger Management in Marriage series are:

  1. Introduction
  2. Poor Ways of Dealing with Anger
  3. Biblically Dealing with Anger

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12 thoughts on “Anger Management in Marriage”

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  4. Anger can be a serious problem in marriage. As an anger management provider I have found that arguments are NEVER about the issue at hand but are linked to unmet emotional needs and expectations. More on this can be found on my blog The article is entitled “Unmet needs and Anger Management”

    Carlos Todd, LPC, NCC, CAMF

    President of the American Association of Anger Management Providers

  5. You’re very right Carlos. Thanks for the reference to your article and for your comments.

  6. When I’m angry I’d rather internalize my anger. In this way I can’t cause any trouble to someone even to someone who have stirred my anger. I’m single right now but I agree to your point in managing anger in marriage. And let’s not also forget God. God is always there to comfort us, it just need only a prayer.

  7. You’re right Nievo J, God is definitely there to comfort us. Be careful of internalizing anger though. At some point it’s going to burst out like an erupting volcano. More harm may be done then.

    I’m the type to do the same and internalize it. But I’ve learned (usually) to “cast that care onto God” in prayer and let it go. That way it’s neither external or internal.

  8. That’s also what I’m trying to say that too much internalization might cause you to do something not good. If we cannot contain it with ourself then that’s the time we give it to God and He will do the rest.

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