A Bad Example

I would like to share a quick lesson I learned last Sunday night as the Mavs lost and went down 3 games to 2. I was getting a little frustrated during the game, nothing huge, but I did bang my hand down on the couch a couple of times. Also, as Dwyane Wade for the Heat kept making shot after shot, I said “arg, I hate that guy.” Not good.

Thankfully, after the game and the kids were in bed, my wife mentioned that we need to watch how we act during the games. I knew that when she said “we”, I was really the one at fault. I realized right then that, though I’d not done anything major, I was not being a good example for my kids. Did I want them acting like that? No, I didn’t.

So I immediately went into the boys’ rooms before they had a chance to fall asleep. I apologized for the way I had acted and let them know that how I’d acted was wrong. We should never say we hate someone, or for that matter, actually hate someone. (I actually like Dwyane Wade.) On top of all of that, how would the Mavs losing have any impact on our lives even 1 second after it happened? The answer…none whatsoever.

As the Mavs lost the finals on Tuesday night, I (and my whole family) had a much better perspective on things. Now…to remember this lesson when LSU starts the football season:)

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