Don’t Be A Scaredycat – Part 1

When his head went underwater I was…amazed.

Last week my kids learned to swim. Previously we’d never really taken the time to go to our community pool that often, so our boys weren’t very fond of the water. Since I got laid off from my job in February, I’ve been home to be able to do things like go to the pool with them.

A few years ago our oldest son Chase had learned to go underwater, so he could get baptized. But he never learned to actually swim.

Our youngest son Spencer had never even put his face into the water. He’d always been afraid; even with goggles on.

Well, last week things changed for both of them. As I look back, I realize it wasn’t an instantaneous change though.

Over the years they had been scared of a number of things…bugs, dogs, going underwater. But I didn’t want fear ruling my son’s lives.

Now, they’re not afraid of any of those things. No screaming when a bug flies near them. No running away when a dog comes over. And heads going underwater faster than you can say “aquaman”.

Next time I’ll talk about what helped them overcome their fears and how this applies to marriage.