Don’t Leave This Out of Your New Year’s Resolutions

Another year has flown by, causing us to wonder once again, “where did the time go?”

For some, this past year was a good one, but for others, they’d rather forget it ever happened.

Unfortunately for many couples, their marriages fell into the latter category. A great deal of pain, failure, and heartache over the past year was due to problems in the marriage relationship.

So now that it’s time to work on that list of New Year’s resolutions, make sure to include one at the very top of the page for your marriage.

While resolutions for getting fit, making more money, doing better in your career are all well and good; if you still have a miserable marriage, you’ll find that those other things won’t quite satisfy you.

Make this the year that you resolve to do whatever it takes to have a better marriage.

This will require more than merely writing down “have a better marriage” on your resolutions list. Like everything else, you’ll need a plan for making your marriage better. And then you’ll have to take action on it. It’s not going to just happen; just like losing weight doesn’t just happen without proper diet and exercise.

If it all seems too overwhelming, don’t try to bite off more than you can chew. Merely pick one thing to work on. Just DO something, anything, to move your marriage in a positive direction. The point is progress, not perfection.

Through posts on this site, I hope to be able to provide some help and encouragement to you throughout the year, no matter what state your marriage is in.

If you’re not sure where to start in improving your marriage, check out my my ebook, which also comes with a practical application action plan.

May this new year be the best one yet for your marriage.

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