Bible Verses for Marriage Encouragement – New Weekly Series

Today will be the start of a new ongoing weekly series – Marriage Bible Verse of the Week.

The posts in this series will include a brief marriage commentary around a Bible scripture and are meant to be fairly short…just a little something to think about for your marriage throughout the week.

My hope is that these Bible verses will be inspirational and encouraging for your marriage. Some of my favorite Bible scriptures will be among them.

Are there Bible verses that help you in your marriage? Please share it with us by leaving a comment below. We’d all love to hear what scriptures encourage you in your relationship.

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23 thoughts on “Bible Verses for Marriage Encouragement – New Weekly Series”


  2. Paul,

    I am sorry to hear about your situation. Have you spoken to a pastor or Christian counselor about it? I am not sure what else to recommend to you, but will definitely pray for you and your family.

  3. Paul,

    sharing this was a very bold move of yours. I hope things improved since your last entry. Like David I would recommend meeting with a pastor or Christian counselor and take it from there. It will definitely take some time until the both of you can enjoy your marriage again.By taking you back your wife made the first step to forgiving you but it takes time for the wounds to heal. In the meantime pray, pray, pray!

    Pray for your relationship, for your family. Pray for deliverance, pray for yourself AND pray for your wife. Give GOD thanks in advance because He will bring you out of this situation. He can deliver! And with confessing your sin you have made the first step to deliverance. Read Proverbs 28:13.

    In Philippians 4:6 the Bible tells us:
    “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”
    There is great power in prayer.
    The Bible confirms this power: John 4:18
    “Now this is the confidence we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us.”
    God has created marriages as a committed, permanent covenant. Submit unto God and give your situation and problems completely to him. Trust Him!

    “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He sahll direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:5,6

    Use this day to start all over again. Love her as you never loved her before. Honor and praise her as the Bible tells you to do. Check out this website:
    In the couples section you read a sample chapter of the love dare book that is used in the movie. It is very powerful!

    Everything is possible with GOD!

  4. Hello all,

    I am going through a very rough time right now with my marriage. My husband up and left my son and I and he blames everything on my personality. He does not even want to consider all of the problems that we went through because of his behavior and yet he points out only my flaws. I really do love my husband and want this family to work out. But I feel like has so much anger in him because of his childhood and he seems to be repeating the cycle that he went through with this parents. I pray that my marriage can be saved and that if all else fails, that the Lord will help me get through this terrible and very chaotic time of my life.

  5. Hi Kay,

    I’m very sorry to hear about what’s going in your marriage.

    You’re marriage can definitely be saved. Pray for Godly change in your husband, without you trying to change him (you can’t). Ask God what you should do that you have control over and leave the rest to Him. The Lord will add the “super” to your “natural” for supernatural things to work in your life.

    Cast everything on Him, like it says in 1 Peter 5:7. And when you feel like you can’t handle it, say Philippians 4:13 out load.

    In additional to those, find other scriptures that you say aloud daily.

    Also, find a Christian counselor who uses the Bible and go by yourself.

    I hope that helps some and I’ll be praying for you.

  6. My wife cheated on me. This happened this week. I love her so much but I am so hurt. To even think about her and this other person causes me great pain. She is extremely sorry and feels ashamed and wants to be with me by all means. It just hurts so bad to even look at her right now. I dont believe in Divorce because I was riased in church with my father which is a pastor. I dont want to say anything to my family or hers because I dont want them thinking badly about her. I am already praying about it, but the pain, the dull hole in my chest pain, doesnt seem to go away. I want to cry but being a 25 yr old man I am holding it in. I do still love her, but this just makes my head hurt. I dont want to leave her, but if she did it once, so she might do it again. Any advice or comforting is welcome. I am not a big bible reader, but I think I am going to really start cracking down and reading it through. I know God can take all my pain and worries away, but maybe by getting closer to him I can learn to trust and really love my wife again, like before.

  7. Shervon, you might want to try,, or

    Hope you can find it and that you’re blessed by it.

  8. Matt,

    I have to apologize for not responding to you sooner. My fault completely!

    I’m very sorry to hear about the difficulties in your marriage. I imagine that can be extremely painful to have your spouse cheat on you. From what you’ve written, it sounds like you have as good an attitude as you can in the situation. The pain can go away, but only by a closer relationship to God. He can heal this wound and completely turn things around. Seek Him, feed on His Word and on some good messages about Godly marriages (check out

    That’s good that you don’t mention to your families. That shows that you don’t want to hurt her in return, which would accomplish nothing. Seek out a Godly counselor, that you can tell and that you both go to for working this out. Trust is earned, so you don’t have to trust her yet. The Bible says to love, but it doesn’t say always trust people. Trust God that He’ll work on her. And don’t hold this over her head. Trust can return, but it will take God and time.

    I hope that helps and I apologize again for my delay in your time of need.

  9. My name is Lauren and I am having a real hard time in my marriage right now. I put my husband in jail for hurting me and this isnt the first time, he did it again last year and now hes looking at some serious prison time. Now, before everyone tells me to get out of this marriage or I need to do better I just want to clear something up. I was raised with divorced parents and living with my mom there was a lot of anger and fighting but with my father there was a lot of church and praying (which I loved) I have had a pretty hard upbringing and have been through a lot, but I feel for my husband and let me tell you why. He is 33 and is the greatest man I’ve ever met. Despite what hes done I will tell you that I verbally abused him on a daily basis…I hurt him all the time and he just cried and would always walk away any time we argued, then it came down to a night of drinking that turned ugly, and of course me saying hurtful things to him again, (Mind you Ive done it to him for 4 yrs) and he finally blew up. I did it to my ex and I got the same result and now hes been with a girl for over 2 yrs and never has layed a hand on her because he said she treats him good and doesnt hurt him like I did. I did the same to my husband and I feel terrible for pushing him to this point, no I am not your typical abuse victim, trust me…..I wouldnt even let my husband sleep with me nor get dressed at our house for work, I made him go somewhere else if that gives you any picture of what I really put him through. I am praying and trying to better myself. I believe the people in the court; judge, prosecutor, etc will think that my husband does this frequently but no he does not and they don’t know what this man really put up with. I feel terrible and I miss him so much and just wish everytime he walked in the door after work that I would have just said “i love you too” or hugged him back rather then be hateful and push him out of my life. Please help me and if you have any advice that could help that would be great. Thanks and God Bless~

  10. Lauren I know how you feel…I tell you what I learned …This is something personal with you and you have to ask God to heal you as well as your husband. I used to do the same thing to my husband because I didnt feel like I was someone worth loving and this was a backward attempt to hurt myself really and sabatoge my happiness… Reading Proverbs has helped me alot …I also got a Bible with dedicated to scripture that focus on marriage but i don’t have it with me I will definitely keep you and your family in my prayers…Things CAN change!!! With God it’s all possible I am excited already about the blessings your family will recieve once you start to follow him and allow him to guide you

    God Bless You!!

  11. Hi Lauren,

    Sounds like Nekeda has already given some good advice and I agree with her. It’s good that you recognize and admit your part in this. Like I’ve mentioned a number of times to others, you may need to seek out Christian counsel to address the root of those issues and begin the healing process in your life.

    As far as your husband, what he did still wasn’t right. Even though he was provoked, it’s still his decision. He chose to do what he did and you didn’t “make” him do it. He needs to seek out Christian counsel as well. It would be great if the both of you went together.

    Not only do you need to forgive each other, but you each need to repent to God, ask for His forgiveness, AND forgive yourselves. The past is just that, the past. It’s time to move on into the marriage God has for the both of you.

    Start getting into God’s word and prepare proactively for those thoughts that cause those bad actions. Declare each day that your marriage is becoming all that God has intended for it, in Jesus name.

    Also, check out and for more great marriage information.

    I hope that helps some and will be praying for ya’ll.


    Thanks for your comments as well about what you’ve learned. That’s what this blog and the comments are for…for people like you to share what God’s done in their lives, so as to encourage others.

    Have a blessed week.

  12. About 3 years ago my husband had and affair. His claim is that his was his way of dealing with his alcohol problem. I love him, I feel stupid for loving him. I don’t want a divorce, but I don’t trust him. We went together to see our pastor for counseling and he began going to AA meetings. Things seemed to be on the road to recovery for the first 6-9 months. Then he began to slowly stop going to meetings, and lessen his counseling and the things he tried to do for me begin to drop off. I am now wondering if that’s it. If this is the best “healing” I will have. How do I help him see that I am still HURT, that I don’t trust him and that I am very much afraid of a repeat. I do I move on when I see no future?

  13. Hi Michelle,

    That’s a tough situation and I commend you for sticking with your marriage after your husband had an affair.

    Don’t feel stupid for loving someone. God calls us to love. But God does not say that we have to trust everyone. Your husband has done things that have not proven himself trustworthy. But keep loving like God has commanded us to love.

    This is not the best “healing” that you will have. God has given us victory (1 Cor 15:57), not mediocrity. But you must keep persevering and have faith in God’s love and the knowledge that He’s good and He wants the best for you, your husband, and your marriage.

    You can’t make your husband see that you’re hurt or make him do anything for that matter. You can tell him how you feel in a loving way, and then leave it in God’s hands to help your husband “get it”. You also don’t have to trust your husband. But you must pray for him and trust that God is working on your husband.

    Keep remembering Jeremiah 29:11, that God has a future and a hope planned for you. Keep trusting God, praying for your husband, and doing what you can do in regards to working on what the Holy Spirit leads you to work on in yourself. God wants to turn your marriage around and eventually be a great testimony and encouragement to others about how God restored your marriage.

    I hope that helps some and have a blessed week.

  14. is my marriage worth trying to save at this point?

    if you can withstand reading the horrible dynamics of our marriage, which my husband thinks his treatment of me is normal, I’d appreciate it…he doesn’t know what love, honor, and respect is and won’t ackowledge he needs helping with his alcoholism and my kids & I needs happiness and quiet in our lives.

    husband: federal firefighter (doesn’t have many fire calls), almost 40, alcoholic that has tried to couple times to get help but gave up within weeks and is always on a revolving cycle of soberness then starts drinking a few (4-6 beers) occasionally then continually gets worse until he stops again and are currently at the end of bad cycle again where he won’t admit he has a problem, very selfish, puts me down a lot, says he does everything, whines about young boys’ whining, can’t stand the sound of kids crying, he drinks cause of stress and/or back pain, he socializes well especially while drinking beers, can’t enjoy/do anything without beer, doesn’t think he should pay me for accounting time spent doing accounting work on his side business and he keeps all money he makes, whines about daycare & household costs/allotments to household & daycare checking account, thinks he’s better than everyone else and puts everyone else down (even his own kids), wishes I would do certain sexual favors but they’re gross in my mind/morales, makes dinner when he’s off but expects me to work all day & then clear table & do dishes & spend homework/quality time with kids after commuting an hour home while he sits on computer watching tv/sports and/or on his laptop and barely gives kids any one-on-one attention (I work all day & all night & never get to sit down to relax), says he drinks because of me and/or lack of doing wifely duties and that he could get it elsewhere, partied in his 20s, no college environment, mother as a stay-at-home mom until he graduated high school, no intimacy with wife, acts like wife is supposed to serve him no matter how he treats her, gives me the finger, calls me bad names, thinks there’s nothing wrong with the way he treats me, wants to physically discipline 6 yr old where he behaviour is mostly due to ADHD, makes snide comments, doesn’t care where his money goes & spends any excess he gets., doesn’t understand that his drinking and our yelling affects the kids (ages 6 & 2 & he has a 12 yr old with more severe ADHD that neither of us can stand–always hurting our 6 yr old), other than himself only cares about football & hootin & hollerin & blaring TV as loud as he can while his team moves into the playoffs, he thinks AA and marriage counseling is worthless and doesn’t care to try to understand how I came to where I’m at with my feelings towards him.

    wife: degreed accountant, mid-30s, career is not where I wanted it to be, shoddy marriage is crumbling, shy & not very sociable in group settings but others won’t talk to me anyway, grew up sheltered on a farm with little socialization, did cooking & cleaning as a teenage since mother died from cancer when I was 15, father was an alcoholic until 9 mos after my mother died and he hit bottom, never partied…never even been drunk–went straight to college & worked on weekends, only socially drink 1-2 glasses of wine or wine coolers, smell of beer disgusts me and turns me off, don’t want anything to do with him sexually when he’s been drinking, no longer attracted to husband, ashamed and embarrassed of him (drinking, selfishness, how he treats our kids), read to kids occasionally, only I sit down with 6 yr old to do at-home kindergarten homework, I do most of the childrearing and attention-giving (even though it’s lacking in quantity), don’t have much time to make a normal meal when it’s just me since husband works every other day (24 on/off), as an accountant, record everything I spend which makes filing itemized income taxes much easier, he doesn’t understand my mental need for doing this, things i spend all my extra time on the computer when kids are awake when I don’t but he does, thinks I’m controlling, my unhappiness has been transferred to severely yelling at our 6 yr old instead of disciplining calmly, doesn’t understand that his constant lieing about his drinking & other things has pushed me further & further away over the last 7 year of our 7 year marriage/10 yr relationship and thereby can’t get why I don’t initiate sex and thereby blames such on his drinking when he’s hes said in the past in his ‘trying to stop’ attempts that he saw it as a chemical craving addiction. My kids need to be in a safe and happy environment and I can’t take the drinking, lieing, demeaning marriage anymore and my kids and I deserve to be happy and me being happier when he’s at work.

    financial problem with leaving him is relisting our house…it didn’t generate but 2 showings in the 10 months it was on the market from Sep08-Jul09, so would I just present him with the ‘blue’ papers and he can worry about the mortgage pmt while using my income & child support to move on and then wait til house most likely get’s repo’d and we split the money when it sells?

  15. Ms. Fed-up,

    I’m sorry to hear about your situation. I can definitely understand that you’re ready to be done with your marriage, but your marriage is definitely worth saving.

    Luke 1:37 says “For nothing is impossible with God.” That includes your marriage.

    I don’t know if either of you or your husband are Christians, but God is the only one that can help you and your marriage. Here’s a link that will help you in your search:

    I hope that helps some and I’ll be praying for ya’ll.

    I suggest seeking out a Christian counselor and if your husband won’t go, go by yourself.

  16. Matt,
    My wife just told me that she cheated on me with a stranger about month ago. The actual cheating took place back in October while I was on a short-term missions trip to Africa. It has been a totally devastating, but also, exhilerating month. My wife is truly repentent and we have grown closer to God, and to each other through this experience. Please remember Romans 8:28, “All things work together for the good of those who love God.” My wife and I have been experiencing God working this for good in a powerful way, however, I feel like I am completely open to all sorts of attacks, since she told me. Sometimes I just get so angry and hurt thinking about what she did and want to get back at her by cheating on her or hurting her in some way. I pray against those feelings and they are getting less and less frequent, but I am still scared about the future. I know that I’m not to be anxious about anything and that I when I trust God with the future, I can take care of the present. I think about how god commanded Hosea to marry an adulterous wife to show him the pain that he feel when we betray him for other Gods and when we pursue our own fleshly desires. I’ve experienced that pain and righteous jealosy for my wife in such a powerful way, that it has brought me to a new level of understanding of my own sin, and also to a new level of repentence. I would like to hear how you and your wife are doing and if you have any words of advice or encouragement, please share 🙂


  17. Thanks for sharing with us Erik. I’m hoping Matt has a good report on his similar situation.

    It’s good to hear how God has worked in a situation like yours. It’s encouraging to see that an affair does not mean “the end”, but that God can restore to even better than it was before.

  18. Hi about two year ago I found out my husband had been inappropriately texting another woman. He lied until I found proof of him calling and texting her at all hours of the day even on Halloween night around 3 am after we had taken our 4 year old Trick or Treating. I also found a hotel room key holder with a room number that once I called belonged to the woman. He said that she had been to drunk to drive and called him and he took her to the hotel room so she could sleep it off. Anyway, I never could prove that he had been unfaithful, but I do fell that he was. He denies it to this day. Being a Christian woman I prayed for God to let me find enough strenght to not tear my family apart, so we stayed together, but I have the worst trust issues. I find myself wanting to check up on everything he does, because I do not ever want to go through that feeling of stupidity and hurt again. I would be curious to hear if anyone has any words of encouragement that could help me. Thanks.

  19. Hi Jackie,

    Sorry to hear about your situation.

    I will say that the Bible commands us to love, but it doesn’t say we always have to trust other people. We should always trust God though and God can definitely help you get through these trust issues.

    I hope that helps some and I’ll be praying for ya’ll.

  20. My husband and are are tring to make our marriage work for the second time. I filed for divorce January 2007, we reconciled in May 2008. He promised he had changed. August of 2009, I separated and moved out of the home but didn’t file for divorce. I recently returned March 2010.
    Our first separate was due to severe emtional abuse. With couseling, prayer, we worked through most of the issues… (name calling, be-littling, demands for me to leave, removal from family, jealousy, mental abuse towards my child).

    This time, no more name calling, the mental abuse sort of eased up, however the accusations of others increased. I was accused of his siblings, men in our church etc. I was gone 6 months. He went into couseling for his jealousy among other issues, made promises that he had change, he realized his wrong doing towards me and my child. I came back in faith that things would be better.
    Now i’m accused of women in the church, men and brothers. Everything I say is twisted. I’ve been back home for 29 days today (3/29/10) and we have argued 20 of those days. Every thing I say is misunderstood. The people (his brother and sister- in-law) that prayed for and with us are now the enemies. He says: “I know yall probabaly developed feelings for each other or something, why was he calling you.” but he called the sister-in-law everyday seeking a listening ear.

    The church that we’re members allow me to work with the youth ministry (my passion) however he say’s the person that’s over the youth is a lesbian and he’s seen her looking at me with a lustful eye. The pastor, whom he called for couseling, has tried to talk to him about it, because I called out of frustration seeking guidance. He said I disrepected him for calling the pastor (he’s a man) now he’s threatening to leave the church. I”M LOST, although i’m not being called female dogs and garden tools, the accusations are still there.

    I’m a giving person, very friendly, very likable,…know no strangers (” you’re too D*** flirty”) I speak and am cordial with everyone (“I’m always in men’s face”). I feel like I’m taken several steps back, trying to make my marriage, my convenant with God work. I know that I can’t keep leaving, but I can’t live my ONLY life for the REST of my life, like this.

    HELP….getting tired AGAIN.

  21. Two years ago my wife and I moved to out of state for career opportunities. My career didn’t work out and I struggled with a job that I absolutely hated. it kept me away from home every evening during the week. My wife however, was able to get her dream job, We were however very home sick and wished to return home. We still owned our house in our home state but, were in danger of losing it. We had decided together that I would return Home to save our home and she would follow six months later with the completion of her school year. It was very difficult leaving her for this period of time. Two month into being apart I stumbled on her having a two night affair with an old friend. I was devastated. We started counseling but, she didn’t know if it was worth the effort. A few weeks into the pain and trying to put our marriage back together, I found that she had been having another affair with a stranger (to me) for almost the entire time we have been apart. She will not admit to a sexual affair but, she tried to hide any evidence of either account. She told stories and lied to cover things up. I believe the affair is still continuing but, have know way of really knowing.
    We are separated by tow thousand miles which is making it very difficult to make repairs to our marriage. I know my wife love me but, she tells me she doesn’t know if she is still in love. She is the air I breath and I can’t believe I never say anything wrong with our marriage. We were best friends and our marriage was one that makes other envy.
    I had been close to God at one point in my life many years ago but, never fully gave my heart. My wife does not know God, and looking back I wished I had not wasted the chances I had to lead her to him and rely on him to build our marriage. Recently I have found strength in the Lord and have entrusted him to heal our marriage. It’s been nearly a month now and she still can’t tell me if she want to work things out. I have been praying for my own forgiveness in for letting my wife feel neglected or unloved and appreciated in our marriage. I’ve also been prying that the Lord show himself to my wife. I want nothing more than to rebuild our marriage and to have God in the center of it where he was once absent.
    I know God is working on her through a coworker of hers (whom god has put me in contact with).
    She told me she didn’t know if she wanted to continue our marriage. I told her I’d let her go, it’ll be ok, and that I love her. Now I just wait for her to call and she has but, it’s just small talk.
    I’ve watched fire proof and have learned how to really love my wife and I am picking up a copy of Love Dare. She to will have a copy of love dare given to her by her co worker (whom she does not know I’m in contact with). I am trusting god to save our marriage but, this is so difficult. The pain, emptiness, loneliness, and not being able to even see my wife leads me to tears every day. Patience is the most difficult. I’m ready to move back to her and spend each moment with her, learning her, an loving her like never before. Yet, I have to sit back and hope that she will see decide to commit to us. What else can I do?

  22. Hello D & S,

    I apologize for the delayed response, I only check this site occasionally.

    I’m sorry to hear about the situation each of you are in. These things are beyond what I’ve dealt with, so I can do 4 things for you:

    1) I can encourage you with some scriptures I’ve mentioned in this blog before – Mark 9:23 “Jesus said to him, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes” and Matthew 19:26 that “with God all things are possible.”
    2) I can refer you to Christian counselors who are more equipped to help. Check out Christian counselors through Focus on the Family at:
    3) Refer you to as a resource.
    4) Pray for you and your spouses.

    This may not be the answer that you’re looking for, but it should move you in a positive direction where the Holy Spirit may be able to help further.

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