RSS, Subscribe? What does it all mean?

You may have noticed the box on the right side named “Subscribe” with some nifty looking buttons under the RSS section. If you’re like me (until recently), you may not know what in the world those little buttons were all about.

Let me help.

Those are so you can get informed of new information when this blog gets updated with a new post. Okaaay, so big deal. The big deal is that it lets you do it for all the blogs, or even other websites, that include one of those little icons AND it “feeds” that new information to you in one centralized location.

For instance, I have my own personalized “My Yahoo” page where I can pick and choose information that I want to show up on my homepage. If I click on the appropriate subscribe button, it will put that blogs latest posts on the “My Yahoo” homepage that I look at every day…instead of having to search through my favorites menu every day checking each and every blog for possible updates.

If you don’t have a centralized homepage for news, it will also give you some options that you can easily sign up for.

So go ahead and give it a try. I promise that it’s pain-free:) Click on one of the subscribe buttons in the “Subscribe” section and get updates to this site.