Thanksgiving: Does the Turkey Get More Gratitude Than Your Spouse?

Turkey, dressing, gravy…mmm, those are some things to be thankful for.

If you’re like many people on Thanksgiving day, you contemplate those things that you’re thankful for in your life. Maybe you even share a few things with family members over that delicious, traditional meal. But why wait until this one day every year to show some gratitude?

When was the last time you were thankful for your spouse? Or better yet, when was the last time you expressed your gratitude for who your spouse is and what they do?

For me, I’m thankful to my wife for the Godly mother she is, for all of the dinners she’s cooked, for all the laundry washed, and clothes ironed. She keeps the household running smoothly. She takes care of helping our boys with their school projects while helping them learn to be responsible. Additionally I’m thankful for her sweet personality, her sense of humor, her intelligence (which is definitely where my boys get it from), and her beauty.

Don’t take your husband or wife for granted. Take the time to thank God for them today. Then take it one step further and actually tell them how you are grateful for them. Be specific and don’t assume they already know it.

Make time every day of the year for thanksgiving. Your marriage relationship will be better for it.

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