Book Review: “It’s All About Him”

In this guest post, my wife Lori reviews Denise Jackson’s book “It’s All About Him”.

Denise Jackson, wife of country music superstar Alan Jackson, seemed to have it all.  Married to her high-school sweetheart, she had three beautiful daughters and most anything money could buy.  Her world included mansions, jewelry, luxury cars, and expensive clothing.

But despite the appearance of a perfect life, all was not well.  Denise’s marriage to Alan was crumbling, and she felt lost and alone.  Having spent her entire adult life focused and dependent on her husband, what was she to do once he decided to leave?

It was during this difficult trial that Denise Jackson renewed her commitment to God.  Although she became a Christian at a young age, Denise had not made living for God her focus or priority.  When what had been the most important relationship in her life failed, she learned that her relationship with Jesus Christ needed to be number one in her life.

Denise’s book was a quick and inspiring read and related some very good lessons for every marriage.  Some things that I especially noted is that:

1) Money does not solve every problem.  The Jackson’s marriage still had major issues that needed to be dealt with despite the obvious wealth that they enjoyed.

2) God can heal a broken marriage, but it takes faith, time, and commitment.  Denise did a very good job detailing the anger and unforgiveness she had to deal with when trying to restore her marriage to Alan.  Her book showed that God can bring healing even in a marriage shattered by infidelity and broken trust.  She made no secret of the fact that it took hard work to break the harmful cycles in her marriage, and that both she and Alan had to make changes.

3) Surrounding yourself with Godly friends can help in times of trial.  This was probably not intended to be a main point of Denise’s story, but I loved the fact that she wrote about her circle of Bible study friends who supported her through prayer and advice in her hardest times.  Godly friends are such a gift!

4) The key lesson in Denise’s book is that trying to find your worth or identity through anyone or anything else will not bring happiness.  You are God’s creation and only a personal relationship with Him and living with a Godly purpose will bring joy and contentment.

You don’t have to be a country music fan to enjoy this book.  But if you do happen to be a fan of Alan Jackson, you will especially appreciate the personal family photos included in this book (even some dating back to Alan in first grade) and the exclusive CD which includes the songs “It’s All About Him” and “That’s the Way” (the song that Alan sang to Denise at their wedding).

Country music fan or not, anyone who is looking for encouragement and Biblical wisdom for their marriage will find just that in “It’s All About Him”.

Make sure to check back soon…we have 9 copies of this book that we’ll be giving away.

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